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Ibc Solar 04.12.2012

Italian solar park built in record time

IBC SOLAR AG, one of the leading photovoltaic system integrators in the world, set up a photovoltaic (PV) power station and connected it to the public electricity grid in just 49 days. The plant was built on the outskirts of Maniago, a small town in northern Italy, on an area covering 140,000 square meters, and it provides a nominal power of about 5,000 kilowatt-peak (kWp).

Once work had begun at the end of July 2012, IBC SOLAR in Italy completed construction of its second largest PV power station in just seven weeks. The plant was therefore finished two weeks ahead of schedule. As the main contractor, IBC SOLAR was responsible for all of the technical planning, procurement of materials, and completion of the project. A total of 21,189 modules with a nominal rating of 235Wp each and 321 inverters were installed. The solar park produces about 6 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of environmentally friendly solar power a year, enough to supply 1,500 Italian homes, and saves 3,300 tonnes of harmful CO2 emissions.

“We completed the PV power plant in Maniago in record time, thereby demonstrating our high level of competence and extensive expertise”, said a delighted Rudolf Sebald, the man responsible for project business at IBC SOLAR. “Environmentally friendly energy generation using renewable energy sources is an investment in the future, as electricity production based on fossil fuels is becoming more and more expensive. Projects like the solar park in Maniago help to arm ourselves against this negative price trend.” Renewable energy already covers more than 26 percent of the electricity requirements in Italy.

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Italian solar park built in record time
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