Inertial tanks EB-EMMETI 2018

Inertial tanks EB300-S15-AS50 EB500-S18-AS50.


This boiler has been designed to integrate more energy sources existing in the heating system, for example: heat pumps, solar panels, gas boiler, fireplace stoves, etc.

Technical features

  • ​​​​​​A heating water tank;
  • Fixed heat exchanger;
  • Integrated finned copper heat exchanger for a fast DHW production, with appropriate fixing flange;
  • Internal part not treated;
  • Maximum storage operating pressure : 3 bar;
  • Maximum operating pressure of solar coil: 6 bar;
  • Maximum operating pressure of finned copper heat exchanger: 10 bar;
  • Test pressure: 4,5 bar (storage), 9 bar (solar coil), 15 bar (sanitary heat exchanger);
  • Maximum operating temperature of storage: 95 °C;
  • Insulation: rigid polyurethane foam 50 mm thickness;
  • Insulation covering: SKY in PVC grey RAL 9006 colour;
  • According to art. 4,3 of European Directive 2014/68/EU

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Inertial tanks EB-EMMETI 2018
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