High-efficiency dehumidifiers GHE by Aerfor

Dehumidification and fresh air in residential areas, in combination with radiant cooling systems, guaranteed thanks to high-efficiency dehumidifiers with heat recovery GHE by Aerfor.


Designed to provide air dehumidification either under conditions of thermally neutral air or cooled air, high-efficiency dehumidifiers by Aerfor can manage small air flows, thus avoiding annoying tiny air currents, which are typical of traditional air conditioning systems.

The units consist of a direct expansion cooling system combined with a cross flow heat exchanger, designed for granting efficient heat recovery and air exchange, in compliance with regional and national laws.

The versions available are supplied with double condenser (air condenser and water condenser) and of a logic which allows the dehumidification, both with neutral air and cooled air.

PCRL: Remote mechanical hygrostat;
HYGR: Remote mechanical hygrostat + thermostat (WZ versions only);
RGDD: Built in electronic temperature-humidity sensor;
INSE: Serial interface card RS485;
FAEL: High efficiency electronic air filter H10.

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Dehumidifiers GHE
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High-efficiency dehumidifiers GHE by Aerfor
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