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UNIX by Apros: universal passage for wooden roofs

Certified safety in installation and rapid assembly, UNIX by Apros is the best solution against fire

UNIX is a universal roof passage, that is built for the installation of stoves and fireplaces, and for the protection of wooden roofs. The main cause of fire in homes is due to incorrect installation: thanks to UNIX you have a certified safety in installation together with a rapid assembly.

It is necessary to make a hole in the ceiling using a core drill, to insert UNIX by fixing it with six basic screws. This fitting allows us to close off every roof built in sensitive material (wood) from high temperatures.

Thanks to the two supplied rings, one adjustable and the other finishing, UNIX is easy to install on sloped roofs from 0° to 30°. UNIX has a triple insulation: a small air interspace of quite 5 mm in the inner part, a thermal insulation in rock wool material of 50 mm and another air interspace of quite 20 mm. UNIX is provided with a protection mattress in Biotex fiber for the ring.

It is compatible with all the ranges of products manufactured by Apros, both with connecting flue pipes and chimney systems. UNIX is produced in stainless steel AISI 316L in the internal wall and in stainless steel 304BA in the intermediate and external wall.

It is available with different finishing such as: black silicone paint, grey or it can be provided even in stainless steel.

Articolo: UNIX by Apros: universal passage for wooden roofs
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UNIX by Apros: universal passage for wooden roofs

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