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Six reasons to switch to EOS. Savings and Flexibility for the new Uniconfort boiler

It is more efficient, it can use different fuels, it requires less labor for its operation and, therefore, allows substantial savings. These are the characteristics that make EOS, that stands for Energy Of State, the last boiler arrived at Uniconfort, a winning proposition.
Designed by the research and development carried out by technicians of San Martino di Lupari, the new boiler answers better to two specific market’s needs: that of a pellet boiler with high efficiency and zero maintenance for intensive energy use and that of a boiler for the combustion of agricultural biomass with high ash content and low melting them.
A very broad market, both in Italy and abroad, with an application for low and medium power, from 200 to 1500 kW, which is turning more and more interest in Uniconfort EOS.
"EOS has been developed in less than a year from our own research and development - explains Davis Zinetti, CEO of Uniconfort – which always dedicated itself to the continuous updating and improvement of facilities in the catalog, as well as the design of non-standard facilities that meet the specific needs of small niche markets. It has already achieved a significant share of the equipment sold by Uniconfort. A great number of orders, both in Italy and abroad, and, and year after its release 30 units are already running. "

What makes the difference?

1. Fuel: EOS is the first boiler that can use different fuels at different humidity levels, offering the same yield. Particularly suitable for agricultural biomass with high ash content and low melting temperatures of the same. This flexibility allows you to buy materials cheaper fuel at that time on the market, with savings that are around 20% on average.
2 Cleaning: EOS is self-cleaning. And in fact has a cleaning system of the ashes of the shell and tube heat exchanger which is completely automatic and the combustion chamber has an internal mechanism that directs the post-combustion ash to the extraction systems provided in the boiler. In other boilers this cleaning is done manually, resulting in an average of one hour of work per day. The result: savings in staff costs.
3. Efficiency: the new boiler has a higher return for the same material burned compared to its competitors. Technical innovations in the design and the technology used in its construction have increasead the exchange surface of the heat exchanger.
4. Pressure: Eos  works at a higher pressure than the boilers of the same capacity on the market.
5. Ignition: the machine has an automatic ignition system, adjustable according to the needs of the user. The other boilers have a manual ignition and, above all, must remain always on even when not in use. This system optimizes the use of fuel.
6. Water connections: EOS technology leads to savings on investment on water connections estimated at € 3-4000.
"Also - Zinetti ends - we must not forget that greater efficiency is associated with a lower production of CO2. To choose EOS means, therefore, to make a choice for the environment".

Articolo: Six reasons to switch to EOS. Savings and Flexibility for the new Uniconfort boiler
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Six reasons to switch to EOS. Savings and Flexibility for the new Uniconfort boiler

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