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S-Level System 2.11: aerodynamic and efficient

The continuous further development of mounting systems is an important objective of Leonberg-based K2 Systems GmbH’s corporate mission. That’s why it should come as no surprise that as part of on-going development the S-Level south facing elevated mounting system introduced at the beginning of the year has undergone continuous improvement in terms of transport and ease of assembly.

The low-ballast aluminium-elevated mounting system for flat roofs, released on the market as S-Level System 2.11, is particularly suited for roofs with low load-bearing capacity. The modules for this are installed in a horizontal orientation with minimal shade spacing. This orientation also increases thenumber modules that can be installed in a specified area. The new S-Level System has been wind- tunnel tested and can be installed without problem inareas with different wind-load zones. The wind-tunnel tests, however, referonly to roofs with attics.

The systems’ pre-assembled aluminium parts simplify transport to the installation site. The bolt mount from above also drastically reduces assembly times. The S-Level System 2.11 extends along tried and tested K2 flat rail, or optional K2 SpeedRail, mounting rails at an elevated mounting angle of 20 degrees above the rooftops facing south.

A10-degree elevated mounting system conforming to Italian building codes is being planned for the Italian market. As with all of K2’s systems, the S-Level 2.11 south facing elevated mounting system comes with a 12-year guarantee.

Articolo: S-Level System 2.11: aerodynamic and efficient
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S-Level System 2.11: aerodynamic and efficient

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