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Multisystem Clivet: the climate on a show

In the top ten multiplexes with most visitors in Italy, over 5 million viewers in 2010 enjoyed Clivet comfort. Among these we find Cinecity Limena (Padua) that, with 1,125,000 viewers, is one of the largest multiplex in Italy, offering its customers Multisystem Clivet comfort since 2005.



From Cinetel, the company providing the collection of revenue and attendance of major first release cinemas in Italy, comes a new confirmation for Multisystem, the system by Clivet dedicated to cinemas. Among the 10 multiplexes that in 2010 recorded the highest number of admissions, over 5 million people benefited from the total and sustainable comfort of Multisystem Clivet, the one-piece system solution in heat pump specifically created by Clivet for cinemas and theaters.

Among the multiplexes to which viewers gave their preference, Cinecity stands out, a colossus of 12,000 square meters with 14 theaters and over 3,000 seats. Made entirely from recyclable materials and equipped with the latest technology of Dolbi 3D digital cinema projection, Cinecity was built in 2005 by Cinecity Furlan Group, a buyer who has always paid attention to the most advanced quality standards both from the point of view of furniture, lighting, audio and video system and environmental comfort.

The comfort of the spectators of this huge multiplex, which in 2010 hosted 1.125 million viewers, is entrusted to Multisystem by Clivet, the expert system that for 6 years has been able to guarantee optimum control of temperature and humidity, adequate air renewal, low noise and a significant reduction in operating costs, energy consumption and, consequently, the environmental impact of the cinema.

Compared to a traditional solution based on boiler, chiller and air handling units, Multisystem allows an average energy and cost savings of 40%. Then, add to this the savings in installation costs and management, related to the fact that rooftop units alone cover the needs for heating, cooling and fresh air.

Compared to rooftop system in the market, then, Multisystem also provides much higher air flow for renewal, offering advantages in terms of comfort of the spectators as well as compliance with the regulations.

The system consists of specialized products for different areas and arranged for connection to a centralized climate control supervision system of the entire structure.
Cinecity mounted 16 CSNX rooftops for high attendance locals, while the air-conditioning in the lobby, corridors, shops, restaurants, pubs, projection rooms and offices is headed by 9 CSRN rooftops for medium crowding locals.

In both cases we speak about autonomous air conditioning heat pumps available both for air systems and for systems that use water as a power source (ring systems of water, plants supplied with well, lake, river, sea water).

A common feature of these products is high efficiency: efficiency of air quality control, thermodynamic heat recovery, unit at partial loads, ventilation system, filtration system and free cooling.

The management of the plant is entrusted to a supervisory system which maximizes users comfort, optimizing energy use.

All this demonstrates the great value of Multisystem, the system created in 1998 by the passion Clivet has for total and sustainable comfort. With over 100 references and 1000 cinemas and theaters, Multisystem is today a landmark in the climate of cinemas and theaters with big names of the cinema world including The Space Cinema, Warner Village, UCI Cinemas.

Articolo: Multisystem Clivet: the climate on a show
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Multisystem Clivet: the climate on a show

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