Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between focus, company news and product pages?

    Focuses are editorials (or advertorials) published daily on home page by ExpoClima editorial office. Company news are, instead, editorials published by companies on their news page, from the main menu and contain any kind of information companies want to convey to users. Product pages, finally, are part of virtual stand and contain a brief description of a product with technical specifications.
  • What is the difference between ExpoClima Newsletter and DEM?

    The Newsletter is an e-mail communication sent weekly to all registered users which contains a summary of most important information of the week: main focuses, most relevant company news and next sector events, such as fairs or conferences. The DEM (Direct E-mail Marketing), instead, is a customized type of communication sent to all users or a target audience.
  • How long must texts be?

    There are no specific texts limits. We remind you, though, that video reading is slower and more tiring than paper reading. We suggest, therefore, that you insert short and concise texts with some keywords or phrases in bold, to highlight company name and product name, for example.
  • What is the advantage of registering as visitor?

    When you register as visitors you get a mini control panel where you can save your favorite companies and be informed when they release new products or important news. It gives you the opportunity to do multiple offer requests and download PDF documents. Finally, being a registered visitor gives you the opportunity to take part to conferences and receive weekly information on the selected sector.
  • Is VAT number compulsory for registration as visitor?

    ExpoClima is a B2B portal, dedicated only to sector players; it is fundamental that you insert VAT nr or National Insurance Nr or tax code to access to added services. ExpoClima staff constantly verifies registration to prevent exhibitors from wasting their time.
  • What do you do to make people get to know ExpoClima?

    There is a marketing plan (see p. 12) including a series of actions aimed at achieving at least 200 new targeted visitors every day, potential clients for our exhibitors.
  • What is the difference between ExpoClima and other portals offering service to similar targets?

    At a national level, there are several web sites giving information on subjects related to Air Conditioning or Heating. About Solar, then, there are hundreds of them. Both in Italy and abroad, many sites speak about products or opportunities, others organize events or present companies. ExpoClima is, instead, the only worldwide portal gathering most important information on HVAC/R and Solar sectors. Events, Products and Training courses, all in one. A real reference point in the worldwide market!
  • Can I exhibit in more than one pavilion?

    Every company can exhibit a product, present its profile or purchase a stand in one or more pavilions. The only restraint is that the product or company must be connected to the pavilion sector.
  • What if among the 1200 product classes I don't see the one concerning my product?

    No problem. With the help of ExpoClima technical staff we can create a new category once valuated the product.
  • Is it possible to buy a banner for a determined period instead of per impression?

    Yes. We normally suggest publishing a periodic banner when you need to promote an event date. In this case the promotion for a determined period gives more result. You can discuss it with your sales assistant.
  • I'd like to exhibit in ExpoClima but I cannot manage the stand because of time issues

    ExpoClima graphic and technical staff in Italy supports exhibiting companies from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm. We help them publish contents, prepare images, send Newsletter or monitoring requests. This guarantees an efficient investment in case an exhibitor has no time to manage the stand!
  • What is Google AdWords?

    With Google AdWords you can make people get to know your business in a simple but targeted way: thanks to a system based on keywords, indeed, your ads appear only when users are looking for similar information or related to services or products you offer. Every day millions of people search in Google: consumers and potential clients use keywords to find exactly what they are looking for….what if they could find you?
  • I purchased a Focus and Adwords service. I'd like to take the service also on my web site. Can I?

    Our staff can offer you a series of marketing action related to the portal. We can give you any kind of graphic support, web support to create web sites or targeted campaigns. Our experience of ages in the sector will allow you to use ExpoClima as a real Advertising Agency targeted on the HVAC sector.