EH Air-Water Inverter Heating pumps for service industry with AXIAL fans and water-circulation units EMMETI 2018

Air-Water Heating pump for service industry with AXIAL fans and water-circulation units.


Monobloc unit with air condensation and horizontal-flow axial fans for outdoor installation provided with: circulation pump, hermetic scroll DC brushless Inverter compressors
Constructional characteristics
  • Rotary emetic compressor of the Scroll type with inverter operated start up system that allows for control of variable capacity from 30% to 120% of the nominal power with reduction of inrush current in the start up phase and rephasing of the automatic system through the network, complete with external thermic protection and carter resistance automatically activated when unit is stopped (as long as the unit is still being powered by electrical current);
  • Air exchanger with battery made of copper tubes and aluminium wings with hydrophilic coating. Equipped with protection grills;
  • Drip tray for condensation located under the battery with canalizable dump, equipped with heating electric resistance activated depending on external air;
  • Helicoidal electric fan with external rotor, equipped with thermal protection and complete with protection net;
  • Proportional electronic device for regulation of pressure and continuous with rotation speed from the fans;
  • Male threaded hydraulic plugs;
  • Water differential pressure switch exchanger to protect the unit from eventual water flux interruptions;
  • External air temp sensor;
  • Refrigerating circuit made with an annealed copper tube (EN 12735-1-2) complete with: dehydrating filter, charging fittings, safety pressure switch on the high pressure side, pressure transductor both on the high and low pressure side, electronic thermostatic expansion valve, cycle inversion valve, liquid receiver, gas separator and check valves;
  • This unit holds a protection grade of IP24;
  • Complete with R410A cooling fluid.
Standard setting
  • Hydronic group, complete with: electronic 3 speed circulator, membrane expansion vessel, air vent valves, safety valve;
  • High and low pressure switch;
  • Double digital set point;
  • Netted water filter;
  • Forced unit dump (FDL). Compressor modulation to limit power and absorbed current (digital input). Also usable as a “night mode” function to limit noise during night hours;
  • Clock board;
  • Condensation control.
Accessories supplied separately
  • EKSA Rubber antivibration mounts;
  • EKTR Remote keypad with display;
  • EKRS485 Serial interface for connection to BMS (Modbus RTU);
  • EKRIT Additional electric heater.

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EH Air-Water Inverter Heating pumps for service industry with AXIAL fans and water-circulation units EMMETI 2018
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