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Clivet Spa 23.11.2010
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Clivet launches ELFORoom2, the terminal unit for homes and offices, that heats in winter, cools and dehumidifies in summer.

Clivet, always focused on comfort and energy saving, presents ELFORoom2, the hydronic fan coil for homes and offices, combining pleasing aesthetics, very low noise levels, energy saving and total well-being for every season.
ELFORoom2 is the ideal alternative to radiant panels, radiators and traditional fan coils for several reasons:
total comfort
• with a single unit ELFORoom2 filters the air, heats in winter, cools and dehumidify in summer, simplifying the plant
• ELFORoom2 rapidly reaches the desired temperature and quickly adapts to external temperature changes, maintaining constant temperature and humidity within the conditioned rooms.
ELFORoom2 provides a perfect solution for modern houses, which require only small climate adjustments, as far as for old ones, characterized by lower thermal insulation.
• ELFORoom2 provides air movement and avoiding the stratification phenomenon, something extremely important in modern houses with high levels of insulation.
energy saving
• the ELFORoom2 electric motor, modulates the fan speed according to the real needs of the plant, reducing the ventilation costs in comparison with a traditional fan coil
• The electronic regulation maximizes savings and comfort and ensures uniform temperature in the house
Low noise
• the fan structure, antivibration supports and electronic controlled motor, which modulates its speed, make ELFORoom2 extremely quiet and suitable for rooms where acoustic comfort is required, such as bedrooms and studies.
versatile design
• its 13 cm depth distinguish ELFORoom2 from traditional 20-25 cm fan coils. The minimalist design makes ELFORoom2 a piece of furniture that perfectly fits to any interior design, whether modern or traditional, meeting every architect taste
• the 3 ELFORoom2 versions -vertical on view with control on board, vertical/horizontal on view with remote wall thermostat, vertical/horizontal recessed with remote wall thermostat, cater for a variety of applications, facilitating and shortening the architects and installers work
• the 4 sizes available allow ELFORoom2 to cover the energy and comfort needs of houses, offices and apartments of any size.
ease of installation and maintenance
• the units are compact in size and come complete with all the elements necessary for their installation (including adjustable brackets and a wall template), make the installation of ELFORoom2  easy and fast
• with an easy to remove air filter and the front access to the fan, both cleaning and maintenance operations are simplified and time reduced

ELFORoom2 perfectly integrates in ELFOSystem GAIA Edition, the heat pump system for 360° residential comfort, which uses renewable energy sources to heat, cool and produce domestic hot water, as well as air renewal and purification of the house, reducing primary energy consumption by 55% and CO2 emissions by 45%.

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Clivet launches ELFORoom2, the terminal unit for homes and offices, that heats in winter, cools and dehumidifies in summer.
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