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Eco Hot Water is the new thermodynamic boiler by Emmeti, designed to exploit uniquely air heat and recycle it as renewable source to heat sanitary water.
It is a heat pump which uses a zero impact energy source, combining therefore two advantages: a considerable reduction of CO2 in the environment and a smaller electric energy expense, with up to 70% saving compared to a traditional electric boiler.

Eco Hot Water guarantees availability of a significant hot sanitary water quantity, combined with the possibility of cooling and dehumidifying small rooms in hot temperatures.
As an alternative, it is possible to connect the unit to a stale air extraction system and obtain a Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, thanks to the possibility of keeping the fan in function independently from hot water need.
Eco Hot Water keeps a healthy environment and, moreover, it guarantees a periodic water thermal disinfection (through the automatic anti-legionella cycle).

Eco Hot water includes:
- a 300 lt stainless steel boiler (Aisi 304) externally caulked, with an anti-corrosion magnesium anode and a particular heat exchanger for solar panels integration;
- a high efficiency heat pump containing R134a ecologic gas and a particular radial fan assuring adequate air capacity;
- a thermoformed cap, with particular fittings for an easy in and out air channeling;
- a panel control for easy parameters and functioning time planning, together with solar panel integration.

Eco Hot Water is a valid answer to plants requalification and eliminates environmental impact, combustion discharge and safety problems of traditional boilers.
Easy and quick to be installed both in residential and public spaces, can be integrated to different plants typologies, in particular to the photovoltaic Emmeti Sun system, Emmeti Arcobaleno thermal solar system and air exchange systems.

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