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EMMETI has always been very sensitive to the needs of designers’ studies and to the evolutions of the design methods. Therefore, Emmeti is pleased to announce you the start of the development activity of BIM objects for its own items and systems.
Thanks to the use of BIM design, i.e. "Building Information Modeling", designers can take advantage of a range of benefits useful for his professional growth:
- by designing a 3D integrated building- system in a precise, rapid and flexible way;
- by using elements faithfully modelled to the real item;
- by offering the best installation solutions according to the architectural needs;
- by foresing and preventing, during the design phase, any installation site problems (difficulties in electrical and plumbing systems installations, walls and floors crossing, etc.);
- by carrying out a project made of a considerable amount of data, which quickly allow to draw up specifications, metric calculations, etc. ;
- by having the needed technical information to plan an effective and efficient maintenance program.
To download EMMETI BIM objects related to Gerpex heating system, consisting of the multilayer pipes and press fittings range, click here.
To use Emmeti BIM Objects with Revit software, see our videoinstructions.
Upcoming updates on new developments concerning Emmeti BIM proposal increase will follow.

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