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EMMETI FLOOR Floor heating and cooling system 2019

- EMMETI FLOOR Floor heating and cooling system - Dry System - Emmeti Dry Alu Floor

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Descrizione generale

The growing success which underfloor heating is obtaining on a world
level is logical and well-deserved.
Modern calculation systems, proved constructional techniques, innovative
materials and improved thermal insulation conditions in buildings, are the
requirements which have made possible the unstoppable advance of this
heating solution.
The distribution of heated air in the room is uniform, the heat radiated
from the floor transmits energy to the walls, which disperse it, reducing
the thermal load affecting the people occupying the room.
The low temperature of the floor, around 23 °C, avoids the circulation and
decomposition of dust in the rooms, a source of irritation to the respiratory
tract and of the characteristic black smudges on the walls.
The Emmeti underfloor heating plant range offers special components
for the simple and rapid creation of durable and reliable systems which
provide excellent standards of comfort.
The high quality of the products, the technical characteristics of the
materials used and the extreme flexibility of fittings, make it possible to
install underfloor heating in any type of building for domestic, commercial,
industrial or sporting use, in offices, places of worship and buildings of
historical value.
The Emmeti Floor system is invisible and does not limit furnishing options
in the rooms.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Insulating panel Thin Floor H5 with graphite
Panel in expanded polystyrene (EPS) printed, treated with graphite, for thermal insulation, with
surface bosses (100 mm pitch, for pipe DN 12x2), edges Male-Female, self-adhesive base and upper
rigid polystyrene film.
Ideal for renovation projects, thanks to the low profile, in combination with the latest generation of
fluid screeds, enables the construction of plants with thick (cladding excluded) minimum of 30 mm,
without compromising the thermal insulation guaranteed by the layer in EPS.
Note: the actual slab thickness and construction procedures to be defined by the manufacturer
/ supplier of the same according to his specifications, depending on the installation conditions
(Dimension and surface type of installation, type loft, etc.) and the type of slab chosen.
The choice of surface finish should take into account the type and used screed.
Dry System - Emmeti Dry Alu Floor
The new Emmeti Dry Alu Floor system represents the ideal solution for
installations that require minimum thicknesses, reduced weight on the
floors and quick operational start-up of the system.
In fact, Emmeti Dry Alu Floor has been designed for installations with
dry application, without screed, applicable above existing floors or
completely flat sub-bases.
The pipes are laid in coils.
Available in two different thicknesses (30 and 40 mm total) it’s particularly
suited for application in building renovations.
The system is composed of:
- A moulded expanded polystyrene panel (type EPS 200) for thermal
insulation, with shaped surface with longitudinal and orthogonal chases
(pitch 150 mm) for 17x2 pipe, coupled with an aluminium conductive
foil (thickness 0.3 mm).
- A moulded expanded polystyrene panel (type EPS 200) for thermal
insulation, with shaped surface with longitudinal, orthogonal and curved
chases for 17x2 pipe, coupled with a rigid polystyrene film, for the
realization of the head curves and the crossings corresponding to the
doors and collectors.
- A polyethylene separation sheet
- Two galvanized steel plates (with and without adhesive side), for the
realization of the dual upper layer for thermal conduction and distribution
of the load.