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The revolution of Refrigeration and Air conditioning Systems in the XVI EU Conference

The new technologies of refrigeration in the XVI EU Conference. “Feeding the Planet thanks to Refrigeration”

The XVI EU Conference is the only event at EXPO2015 dedicated to the Technology of Refrigeration for food preservation and conservation. The ambition of the Conference is to present innovative and advanced solutions, which are environmentally-friendly and can be used by all the nations of the world; by exporting long-established European best practice and expertise globally.

The XVI EU conference organized by UNEP, IIR, CSG, EEC, ATF will host the Presidents of the Major Global Associations at the Politecnico of Milan and EXPO2015 on the 12nd/13th June 2015.

In developing countries, 40% of fruit and vegetables are wasted during transportation or during sowing, harvesting or distribution, before arriving to consumers.

In developed countries this shocking percentage is reduced to 10% but this can still be improved.

Which important announcement should be made at the Expo to help reduce the percentage of fruit and vegetables wasted in nations throughout the world? Our sector could once again help reach the goal of the zero hunger challenge and determine the fate of our planet. The sector has already been able to win the battle to reduce the hole in the Ozone Layer, which was responsible for increased rates of skin cancer and cataracts, and we are now fighting against climate change.

In this moment of global transformations, the United Nations, FAO and Centro Studi Galileo are launching the theme of the Universal Exhibition EXPO2015 Milan “Feeding the Planet: Energy For life” at the EXPO.

Refrigeration plays a fundamental role in this goal. For this reason the slogan of EXPO for this event has been changed and extended to “Feeding the Planet thanks to Refrigeration”.

To fulfil this aim, the prestigious agencies of United Nations FAO, UNEP and UNIDO (Food and Agricolture Organization of United Nations, United Nations Environment Programme and United Nations Development Organization) have joined Centro Studi Galileo CSG, the European Energy Centre EEC and the Italian Association of Refrigeration Technicians ATF, to cover in technical detail the current revolution, which will facilitate the distribution of food in developing countries.

ATF together with CSG have over the last few years been deeply involved in helping developing countries improve living conditions, by improving refrigeration and air conditioning systems and processes, through capacity building and training technicians to install, repair, maintain and design numerous projects with United Nations in Africa and Asia (Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, Tunisia, Eritrea, Benin, Bahrain, Sri Lanka etc…).

The huge changes in the refrigerant gas industry will involve the entire cooling sector through a far-reaching revolution.

We have the duty to find technological solutions to reduce and fight against environmental issues also related to energy efficiency, in order to benefit the consumer and the whole society. Our sector is vital to improve comfortable living standards (air conditioning) and to end food poverty (refrigeration).

Therefore at the XVI European Conference in Milan-EXPO2015 we will speak about innovative technologies such as magnetic refrigeration, the use of solar energy, new heat pumps using CO2, reduction of refrigerant charging, the use of turbo in refrigeration, CO2 transcritical in warm climates, and many more….

We will discuss new refrigerants, which are a means to improve systems to guarantee the best comfort for our society.

The entire world is looking to Europe to provide guidance, and all of Europe is looking to Milan, to Politecnico and EXPO2015, for the XVI EU Conference, which will explain the latest transformations in our continent and share our knowledge with the rest of the world, for the wellbeing of the planet.
Articolo: The revolution of Refrigeration and Air conditioning Systems in the XVI EU Conference
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The revolution of Refrigeration and Air conditioning Systems in the XVI EU Conference

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