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Zanotti presents the new "Mini" Compact Multicompressor Units

"Mini" Compact Multicompressor Units by Zanotti: flexibility of use and suitable for installation in small environments

The “mini” compact multicompressor units are suitable for installation in small environments.

Ready to use, they are the best solution for small stores, restaurants, hotels and in cases of restricted space, due to their compact dimensions.

Their ease of installation and use, makes it possible to contain costs while ensuring safe operation.

They are already equipped with operation controls and safety systems.

The innovative design limits noise and vibration increasing the suitability for outdoor installation.


  • Flexibility of use and installation even in limited space due to compact size;

  • Quick and easy installation with reduced cost and installation time;

  • High efficiency condensers: micro-channel technology ensures a greater mechanical strength, reduced gas charge and better accessibility for maintenance and cleaning;

  • Simple compressor oil level equalization system using highly reliable mechanical regulators;

  • Limited noise and vibration due to a solid and innovative compressor mounting system designed on a floating subframe (single-phase compressor);

  • Fully accessorized product, complete with all devices necessary for a perfect control of the system and to reach maximum performance efficiency;

  • User interface optimized for easy use and maintenance housing suitable for outdoor installation.
Articolo: Zanotti presents the new "Mini" Compact Multicompressor Units
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Zanotti presents the new "Mini" Compact Multicompressor Units

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