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Zanotti introduces new natural gases monoblock refrigerator for shops and restaurants

A professional, safe and green refrigeration system with the comfort of household appliance

Zanotti develops a professional refrigeration systems intended for small-size applications, typically for fresh food conservation in shops or restaurants. The customer will enjoy its ease-of-use similar to a household appliance and take advantage of its environment-friendly features.

To help the user to face his professional activity with the same comfort of home life, we propose standalone units with a plug-in configuration. This solution frees from the need of a specialized technician and helps to spare on installation costs.

As refrigerant gas we have chosen propane R290, propylene R1270 and carbon dioxide R744 for their low environmental impact.  In particular their depletion at the end of the product lifecycle is 1,000 times less significant for global warming than traditional HFC refrigerants. This choice already anticipates EU regulations that bans standard HFC gases from 2020.

Furthermore, the components have been carefully selected to minimize the gas quantity and thus maximize both the system safety (eg. in case of gas losses) and the energy efficiency. The gas flow at the compressor is indeed reduced, leading to lower consumption. In this series we offer machines with cooling capacity up to 2 kW based on compressors with inverter technology, for the highest efficiency.

For medium and big cold rooms Zanotti offers the ready to use industrial monoblock that allows a fast and easy  installation like the smaller monoblocks. The offered range has cooling capacities from 3 kW to 22kW.

Semi-hermetic compressors for transcritical cycles. Suitable for frozen foods.
Articolo: Zanotti introduces new natural gases monoblock refrigerator for shops and restaurants
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