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SIC presents DHRN, residential ventilation and dehumidification unit: 8 models  with water or air condenser

Dehumidification and heat recovery unit for residential ventilation, ideal to be used combined to radiant water system

SIC, Italian company specialized in tertiary sector, presents a new important product for ventilation to the residential market: DHRN, dehumidification unit combined with a ventilation system and hat recovery with very high efficiency (>90%).
DHRN units are designed for for use in residential and commercial environments where the cooling is made by ceiling/wall/floor radiant systems.

How does the unit work? 

DHRN units combines high efficiency heat recovery capacity to dehumidification treatment of the airflow to be supplied to the room, generally mixing of fresh air coming from outdoor and recirculated air coming from indoor cleanest rooms.
That’s possible thanks to pretreatment, whose heat transfer fluid is the water coming from radiant system that pass through a finned coil, and a later phase whose the transfer fluid is the refrigerant gas that flows in a standard refrigeration circuit by compressor (the last one activated only on summer mode).
The treated air, accordingly, is supplied with a marked dehumidifying capacity related to room condition, providing drying of wet places. On winter mode (compressor off), in addition to heat recovery capacity, the air to be supplied is also further heated by finned coil, supplied by water plant of radiant system.

Technical features  

The units are available for 300mc/h and 500mc/h airflow rates, for horizontal and vertical configuration, with water or air condenser, for a total of 8 models.
The selectable modes are:
  • Summer mode or winter mode with high efficiency heat recovery;
  • Dehumidification and summer mode integration with control of fresh air temperature;
  • Heating and winter mode integration with control of fresh air temperature.
In dehumidification mode is possible to blow supply air in range of temperature “neutral-cooled”, thanks to the presence of two expansion valve that modulates the flow of the refrigerant gas, allocating the heat of condensation between the post heat exchanger and the heat sink.
The heat sink, in water condenser configuration, is a plate heat exchanger supplied by the radiant system. In the air condenser configuration, the heat sink is a finned coil positioned on the exhaust air flow; this configuration doesn’t need to be supplied by the radiant system, with less energy consumption than the water condenser configuration.
The units are in “single-piece” construction, with external structure in single metal sheet, internally insulated.
Both the horizontal and vertical versions of DHRN are equipped with air round duct adaptors, for easy connection during the installation.
Especially, the 300mc/h horizontal configuration is distinguished by a compact height (only 275mm), that can be easily installed in a ceiling.
Articolo: SIC presents DHRN, residential ventilation and dehumidification unit: 8 models  with water or air condenser
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SIC presents DHRN, residential ventilation and dehumidification unit: 8 models  with water or air condenser

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