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Sanhua Electronic Expansion Valve

Maximum efficiency for better performances

Sanhua, leader in the production of HVAC&R controls and components and 30 years of experience, keeps you one step ahead of the coming Efficiency and Environmental european Challenges with the new electronic expansion valves.

Sanhua offers three different kind of EEV:

- DPF Series, makes the system work under optimized conditions for the purpose of fast cooling or heating, precise temperature control and energy saving;
- TS3 Series, a compact expansion device with a maximum protection degree suitable for special application like refrigerated containers;

- VPF Series, an expansion device with a stainless steel body for a maximum system reliability.

- improves efficiency up to 20%;

- DPF-o-VPF series from 2kW to 1400kW;

- advanced MSS (Minimum Stable Superheat) control logic.

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