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New Templari´s Polar: high temperature pumps

These heat pumps combine the unit’s compactness with a strong feature; it is very easy to install them and their versatiliy suits different types of systems, such as radiant systems, air terminal units (embedded or external fan coils ) and radiator, it is able to meet the broader needs of heating and cooling systems for buildings.
Moreover, being devoted to housing, the type of power supply and the low power consumption, making it compatible with the normal supply of electricity provided by the operator.

Optimized for Heating
The Polar series heat pumps have been specifically designed to operate in winter, allowing you to have a good
performance even in extremely critical external conditions with the highest levels of reliability and safety.

Total Reliability
Templari Polar is the result of careful planning, careful selection of materials and components; long and rigorous testing laboratory units are made with advanced processes of construction and before being shipped, they are subject to numerous testing operations.

Quick and easy installation
Installation is quick and easy and simply and it requires the connection of electrical and plumbing.

Compact size
They are compact units, suitable to be located in residential buildings while minimizing their visual impact and offering the lowest footprint.

High values of COP
Some special construction adopted in these units made it possible to better exploit the characteristics of heat transfer and to obtain the highest values of COP in its class. High energy efficiency results in lower environmental impact and significant cost savings.

Low noise
Low noise with silent fans at low speed which together with the special dampers to reduce vibration allow Polar heat pumps to be very quiet drives.

Optimized Defrost Cycle
Defrosting takes place according to an exclusive system that minimizes the duration of this process the total system operating time. These units are designed to operate continuously for most of the year, so it is important to consider operating costs, the design choices were in fact oriented to achieve maximum efficiency with the largest energy savings.

Articolo: New Templari´s Polar: high temperature pumps
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New Templari´s Polar: high temperature pumps

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