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The supersilent series of Fancoil units mod FNL by Aerfor

Fancoil units FNL by Aerfor: silent and versatile product, perfect for hotel rooms

You can say that you perceive it, not that you hear it.

  • Supersilent. Actually the low noise emission is its plus; it has been designed for that, and this makes it particularly suitable in hotel rooms or any other buildings with high comfort requirements. It goes from 18,7 dBA at 170m3/h up to 37,7dBA, with 780 m3/h. If you consider that 36dBA it’s approximately the noise emitted by a sleeping person, without snoring, measured at half a meter distance, you get a more clear idea of what can be stated “supersilent”. Other useful comparison can be the fact that a good semi-anechoic chamber can hardly measure noise lower than 21 dBA. The data of the series FNL had thus been mathematically calculated in some cases.

Other peculiar data of series FNL of Aerfor.

  • Reduced height. Its 250 mm allow each FNL model to fit into hotel rooms and any other rooms of regular height.

  • Easy mounting and inspection. The paneling is removable without tools.

  • High efficiency. The coils are placed on the suction side and have counterflow circuits. The higher efficiency is measured from +9% up to +14% depending on the speed of the fan and to the number of rows of the heat-exchanger.

  • Coanda effect. It is possible to get a good distribution of the air up to a distance from 4 to 5,5 meters.

  • Versatility. Various configuration of the coils are possible, with 2, 3, 4 (and 5 on request) rows. For 2 and 4 pipe system.

  • Energy saving. The series FNL of fancoil units keep a good efficiency with low temperatures of the fluid in heating and high temperatures in cooling. Ideal partner of heat pumps and condensation boilers.

These the main reasons to look at FNL more carefully to discover its optimal characteristics for being used in hotel rooms and in any other building with exigent requirements.

Fig 1. Positioning of FNL in the relax diagram.

Articolo: The supersilent series of Fancoil units mod FNL by Aerfor
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The supersilent series of Fancoil units mod FNL by Aerfor

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