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Cronius fireplace heater blower, economic and efficient

Cronius presents Cronius heater, an economic portable solution for residential heating

Cronius Energy Solutions presents Cronius fireplace heater blower for economic and efficient space heating.

Cronius fireplace heater, in fact, exploits heat losses up the chimney and turn them into valuable heat for residential comfort (covering at least 70 sq.m.), minimizing the fireplace consumption.

Available in 6 models, Cronius Heat is easy to install and carries a CE certification.

Technical specifications:

• Fit in any fireplace;
• Tube made of AISI 304 stainless steel ᴓ42mm, providing maximum resistance to heat;
• Low noise level;
• Available with adjustable thermostat;
• Speed ventilator (maximum capacity of 290 m³/h at 120⁰C);
• A portable construction.

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Articolo: Cronius fireplace heater blower, economic and efficient
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