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AREA presents its strategic Manifesto updated to 2020

"Vision & Strategy 2020” by AREA identifies six key areas for RACHP contractors. Energy efficiency, technological innovation and education the top priorities


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AREA, the European association of refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) contractors, presents its own Manifesto entitled "Vision & Strategy 2020".

Specifically, AREA highlighted the need to set a medium-term strategy by 2020 to support the European RACHP sector, an acronym which stands for Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump contractors and equipment.

According to AREA, RACHP operators, which represent the essential link between producers and end users, must keep:

• High levels of competence;
• Lifelong education and training;
• Capacity to attract young staff, that is, future professionals.

The strategic Manifesto by AREA, which is meant to represent the interests of 20 national organizations spread across 17 European countries, including more than 13,000 companies and 110,000 employees, with an average turnover of 1.8 million euro per year, can be summarized in six key objectives:

1) Promote appropriate standards and regulations:

o By monitoring and managing European progress and defending the interests of RACHP contractors;
o By providing assistance on the application of the laws adopted;
o By doing some follow-up on relevant standardization activities.

2) Secure high levels of education, training and competence to the staff working with low GWP refrigerants, in view of a finally harmonious European regulation, as also recently recognized by the United Nations:

o By promoting AREA Guide on minimum requirements for the certification and training of staff operating with low GWP refrigerants, on a European and international scale;
o By participating in the project “REAL Alternatives” in order to develop educational materials and to improve workers’ skills and expertise in the alternative refrigerants field.

3) Promote energy efficiency:

o By highlighting the efficiencies that may be achieved at the level of system, design, operation, maintenance, etc .;
o By ensuring the permanence of energy efficiency within the European policies on refrigeration;

4) Provide assistance in terms of technological developments:

o By giving assistance and guidance on new equipment and alternative refrigerants, as a result of the European decision to reduce HFCs on the market;
o By giving assistance and guidance on new technologies.

5) Strengthen the network for the exchange of information and best practices:

o By avoiding gas leaks;
o By developing national programs to attract young professionals;
o By developing lifelong learning programs.

6) Cooperate at European and international level:

o By collaborating with institutional representatives such as EU, UNEP, UNIDO, etc.;
o By collaborating with industry and civil society, as EPEE, EHPA, Eurovent, ASHRAE, etc.

To tackle the challenges of a changing world, both in terms of energy (prices increase and energy has become the main cost of equipment), technology and environment, AREA encourages its associated States, companies and RACHP industry to embrace these changes, by maintaining and developing high levels of specialization and by competing with emerging markets.

In Annex, AREA Manifesto.

Categoria: eBook
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Articolo: AREA presents its strategic Manifesto updated to 2020
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AREA presents its strategic Manifesto updated to 2020

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