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Cooling and heating
Atmospheric conditions are becoming ever more extreme
Winters are getting warmer and summers hotter. Temperatures of over +30° C are no longer uncommon in summer. This means that in addition to heating, cooling is taking on an ever more important role. One more reason to install a REMKO inverter heat pump. In winter, the heat pump operates as an efficient heating system - in summer, the water-bearing system ensures for a good level of air conditioning.

Save energy costs with a modern inverter technology
This pioneering inverter technology automatically adapts the condenser speed variably to the precise cooling or heating requirement. This exact and gentle regulation enables a particularly energy saving, efficient operation with a high seasonal performance factor in comparison to non-inverter systems.

- Modern inverter technology
- Heating, cooling and water heating system
- Energy source outdoor air operational down to -15° C
- Hot water heating up to + 55° C
- Fully-automatic, quiet and low-maintenance operation
- High level of operational reliability
- Low installation efford
- Floor-area optimised design

It couldn´t be simpler.
Everything complete in an indoor unit
Everything is installed in a single enclosure: circulation pump, various valves and fittings, and the heat pump manager. The CMT device series is additionally equipped with a storage tank and expansion tank as standard.