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X-REVO residential Air Conditioning MULTI Emmeti 2019

X-REVO residential line Multi Inverter The internal units can be combined with the different external ones thanks to one type of control technology. This significantly reduces storage management times and costs. WALL MOUNTED AIR CONDITIONER CASSETTE AIR CONDITIONER FLOOR / CEILING AIR CONDITIONER WALL MOUNTED / FLOOR AIR CONDITIONER DUCT AIR CONDITIONER >>>> OUTDOOR UNIT Dual Trial Quadrial

Macro categoria: Air conditioning and refrigeration
Categoria: Air Conditioners
Azienda: Emmeti Spa

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The advantages of the Inverter system X-REVO
The Inverter system allows the set temperature to be attained in a
short period of time (approx half the time required by traditional
systems) thanks to the compressor and the use of the maximum
The temperature reached can be kept constant by the low frequency
and speed at which the compressor can operate, with a resultant
reduction in electrical energy consumption.
The traditional system requires more time to reach the set temperature
as the frequency and speed of the compressor are constants.
When the set temperature is reached the system shuts down and
subsequently starts-up again due to the oscillation of the room
temperature causing a continuous cycle of start-ups and shut-downs.

Why is EMMETI offering air conditioners with the new
R32 refrigerant?
With the new R32 refrigerant there are many advantages that
benefit the environment in which we live, in fact it is very efficient
from an energy point of view and allows a smaller refrigerant
load to be used with respect to the same units with R410A and
has a low GWP (Global Warming Potential) value.
For these reasons, R32 represents a valid solution for reaching
the objectives established by the European Regulation
regarding fluorinated gases (EU) n° 517/2014.
The installation and maintenance operations are similar to those
used for R410A and, as it is a pure gas, the new refrigerant (R32)
is easier to recover and re-use.
The refrigerant R32 belongs to the low inflammability
class of refrigerants (class 2L according to ISO 817),
therefore it is important to consider and respect the European,
National and Local Safety Regulations relative to
handling, storage and installation of the equipment containing
this refrigerant.
Furthermore, it must be considered that R32 is a low toxicity refrigerant;
it belongs to the same category of low toxicity as the
current refrigerant R410A and can be used safely in most of air
conditioners installations.

Caratteristiche tecniche

WIFI control
Accessory available on request.
By downloading the free App (HiSmart Life), you can
use your smartphone to adjust the main functions of
the X-REVO air conditioner.
The app can be also used to self-diagnose the air
conditioner and promptly report any functioning

Easy control
With one single remote controller can easily control the indoor
units. Wired remote control is available, as standard, for the
canalized models.
Clearness of the buttons make you easily set the work of each
indoor unit.