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Water cooled reversible heat pumps WRL-H

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Categoria: Heat pumps
Azienda: AERMEC S.P.A.


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Descrizione generale

WRL it is the range of water-cooled heat pumps functioning with R410A refrigerant.
They are indoor units installation, with hermetic scroll compressors that respond perfectly to the requirements of the residential market: small dimensions, easy installation, low noise.

High performance
Aermec has designed these units optimising functioning in heat pump mode, allowing to reach high efficiencies.

The electric and hydraulic connections are all positioned in the upper part of the unit facilitating the installation and maintenance operations.
This also allows to reduce the technical spaces and their positioning in as smaller space possible.

The WRL units are distinguished for its working silence. Careful soundproofing of the unit with suitable sound-absorbent material confer all units with noise limits such to consent the use of the WRL also in homes and not necessarily in
dedicated technical rooms.

Priority production of domestic hot water
The unit guarantees the production of DHW with priority mode both in summer and winter. The production temperature of the DHW depends on the type of coupling between the WRL heat pump and the associated DHW production device.
WRL The standard supply of n°1 temperature probes for any sanitary storage tank.

Dynamic set point
Thanks to the use of a latest generation electronic regulation and the use of an external air temperature probe (Accessory), the heat pump can adapt the temperature of the water produced, on variation of the climatic conditions,
increasing the energy efficiency of the system.

The technological choices made, orientated always at maximum quality coupled with the use of the most innovative technologies making the WRL series able to ensure, as well as the maximum energy efficiency, complete installation facility and excellent versatility of use aimed at the use of alternative sources.

- Availability of 9 models with reversible gas side.


Technical features
- Structure and base in hot galvanised sheet steel and with epoxy paint. (RAL 9002).
- Large plate heat exchangers.
- Compressors with high performance and low electric absorption.
- Pressure switch (series).
- Conform with Safety Directives (CE) and the

Standards regarding electromagnetic compatibility.
The safety of the appliance is guaranteed by the door-lock isolating switch on the electric control board and active protections on the main components.

- Command can be accessed from outdoors, with the user interface with display, showing all functioning parameters in 4 languages.
- Last generation electronic regulation.
- User-friendly remote control panel with alarm signals.

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