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Inverter monoblock heat pump by Maxa

High efficiency Reversible heat pumps air/water with dc inverter compressors, DC brushless fan motors, and hydronic kit with DC inverter circulator. Suitable with Hi-T control board.

Macro categoria: Air conditioning and refrigeration
Categoria: Heat pumps
Azienda: Maxa Air Conditioning

Descrizione generale

The inverter technology employement together with DC brushless motors ensures higher global energetic efficiency of equipment also thanks to high and effective modulating power. The employement extension to all components gives the COP and EER improvement and a substantial increase of partial loads efficiency (ESEER).


All units can works in three different modes: heating, cooling and D.H.W., with specific programs that enhance the performance in all conditions, with possible management of the temperature curve.

The V4 series units are able to handle mixing valves, diverter and circulatory secondary side; They are also able to control the solar thermal system (with accessory KIE), the eventual integration with external heat sources, and integration with external systems Home Building automation or Domotic.

All i-HWAK/V4 series is controllable remotely (accessory HI-T) directly accessing the system from any browser (connection to an existing network with ethernet cable).


  • Customized control system with microcontroller regulation, overheating control logic with electronic expansion valve.
  • DC inverter compressors: twin-rotary Dc Inverte.
  • Ventilation: DC inverter with axial fan
  • Source exchanger: optimized circuit with finned coil, copper pipes and hydrophilic aluminum fins.
  • Users exchanger. A brazed stainless steel plate AISI 316 with reduced pressure drop on the water side.
  • Refrigerant circuit: The circuit is made with copper pipes and includes: condensing control, electronic expansion valve, reversing valve, high/low pressure switch, separator and liquid receiver, valves for maintenance and control, double-inlet pressure, high and low pressure transducers.
  • Integral hydraulic system: pump with high efficiency brushless circulator, expansion tank, flow switch, air valve, pressure relief valve (6 bar), pressure gauge, water valve for system charge/discharge.