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Rialto Smart Switch: additional wireless wall-mounted plug for Rialto systems

Additional wireless wall-mounted plug for Rialto systems. Programmable from the App to monitor and manage household appliances and electrical devices

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Managing energy usage in your home has never been easier!

Making life easier for people thanks to technology, improving comfort and optimizing energy usage. Rialto does all of this: it makes running of the home that much easier by reducing energy usage, thanks to a perfect combination of electronic devices, Apps and smart functions.


Rialto Smart Switch is a wireless smart wall mounted socket of the Rialto Smart Home line. To work properly, Smart Switch requires a Rialto Kit previously installed.
Ideal for cutting down wastes and energy bills, Smart Switch monitors the activation of household appliances via App, even from remote location.
Smart Switch can be used for programming household appliances such as washing machine and dryer, lights and pool pump. Besides, thanks to the “cascade” connection to the Rialto Smart Thermostat, it is possible to monitor the activation of radiant panels, electric radiators, fans and stoves depending on the room temperature.
The Rialto system is expandable up to 32 devices and they allow the management of energy at home and at work in different areas, even on many floors.

How it works

Once connected to the electrical device, one or many Smart Switches can be added to the existing Rialto system in an easy and quick way with a guided procedure on the “Rialto” App.

Caratteristiche tecniche

Minimum requirements

It requires a Rialto Kit previously installed (Thermo Kit or Energy Monitor Kit)
Main characteristics

  • Easy to install and to configure
  • Wireless plug with energy meter integrated
  • Max power 13A @ 230V
  • Connection with phase, neutral and ground terminals
  • Repeater function for Rialto wireless network
  • Manual on/off button
  • Activation and programming of household appliances from the App, both at home and from a remote location
  • Monitoring of consumptions and setting of kWh medium cost
  • Charts showing electrical consumptions
  • 100% Designed & Made in Italy
Special functions
  • Resettable meter with estimated running costs of the electrical load connected
  • “Cascade” connection to the Smart Thermostat: Smart Switch can be connected to Rialto Smart Thermostat to activate electric radiators, radiant panels, electric stove and cooling fans depending on the room temperature
  • Geolocation function to activate the heating / cooling system depending on your location
  • OFF function to switch off the thermostat during idle periods
  • Random lights on/off function, simulating occupancy

Rialto for effective management of electricity usage

To find out how much energy is being used in the home or assess how best to invest in technologies aimed at maximizing energy efficiency, Rialto offers a range of wireless energy meters featuring professional grade specifications.

  • Monitoring of energy usage at home and at work
  • Separate monitoring of usage on different lines (lights, emf, etc.)
  • Programming, activation and control of consumptions of the pool pump
Non only smart home: Rialto for business applications too

The Rialto system allows management of climate control and electricity usage with maximum flexibility even in situations other than the home environment:
  • offices
  • hospitality structures (B&B, holiday farms, small hotels)
  • commercial premises (shops, restaurants, beauty centres, etc.)
  • small-medium enterprises

  • daily/weekly programming of household appliances such as: washing machine, dryer, lights or lamps, suction fans, PC, TV stations, home audio dolby stereo system and boilers
  • Activation electric radiators, infrared panels, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers and fans, depending on the room temperature (connected to Rialto Smart Thermostat)
  • Random lights on/off function, simulating occupancy
  • Activation and programming pool pump, circulation pump, etc.