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ROOF by Elektrovent: Horizontal discharge centrifugal roof fan smoke

This line consists of 6 sizes with impeller diameter from 400 up to 710 mm, and 4, 6, 8 pole motors

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Descrizione generale

The horizontal discharge roof fan line ROOF-CM-HT are destined to the plants requiring the evacuation of fire smokes, in environments like underground car parks, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, theatres,
museums, etc. This series is designed and manufactured according to the European directive EN 12101-3 obtaining the certification by an Autonomous Qualified Certification Institute.

ROOF-CM-HT fans are suitable to convey clean air and non dusty smokes up to the maximum temperature of 200°C in continuous service and in case of fire emergency at the temperature of 400°C for 120 minutes (F400)

Caratteristiche tecniche

- Conveyed air : max 200°C in S1 service.
F400 max 400°C/120’ in S2 service (fire emergency)

- Voltage and frequency:
Three-phase version (T) 400V-50 Hz